Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Much Sex is Enough Sex?

This is a popular topic. Are you having enough sex in your marriage? If you talk with some of your girlfriends, some will say that they really don't have sex that "often" since they've been married. Well, what does "often" mean? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day?

In looking to the internet for answers, there was a lot of information posted that will make you scratch your head. The wife that says, "I have sex with my husband several times a day" or the husband that says, "We have sex 20 times a week." What? Where are these people from?

So I turned to Dr. Phil who quoted several reliable sources listed below:

- Married couples say they have sex an average of 68.5 times a year. That's slightly more than once a week. — Newsweek

- 15 percent of couples have sex no more than 10 times a year, which experts define as a sexless marriage. — Newsweek

So what do you do when your husband comes to bed and wants to get "busy" and you REALLY are tired/have a headache/stomache/not in the mood? What if you don't feel like being intimate once a week? Love to hear your thoughts and experiences - feel free to comment.

Men and Sex - What's the Big Deal?

You've heard the age old argument. Men want sex more often than women? True. In some cases - and in some cases it may be completely the opposite.

Every couple - and every person - is different. Sex between a loving couple is more than a physical act of intimacy. It is a way to connect with your partner emotionally. Now, if any men are reading this, they may disagree until they really give it some thought. Feeling desired and feeling loved is one of the most important requirements for someone to live a happy life.

And great sex can begin with a little romance. Ever been in the mood when your partner wants to watch TV until nothing good is on and then they are ready to "get busy"? How unromantic! Taking the time to set the mood with candlelight and music and building up the anticipation can lead to an unforgettable evening of passion.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Female Perspective on Romance

What is romantic? Holding hands while walking along the beach under a full moon? A romantic table for two set in your own private room of a ritzy restaurant? A couples massage at a high end resort?

Sure, all of these things are nice but if you are as busy as I am, it's hard to find the time for romance. To me, romance is doing the little things that make your partner feel special. For example, making a candlelight dinner at home. Drawing a surprise bubble bath and having a bottle of champagne waiting. An unexpected card that says "I love you" and "I care about you."

Romance and money do not go hand in hand. Even someone with limited resources and time can be the most romantic person on the planet. Just focus on your partner and you'll find a way to make them happy!